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The last time I met my father for a procedure at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto,  I decided to make a little side trip happen.   Inviting my friend,  Sarah, to come with me,  on our way home we sought out Uncommon Threads of Palo Alto.   We made new friends and they loved the concept of The Legacy.   They lit up with the idea of their donations and unfinished projects getting new homes, all with it benefiting our Senior Center here in Sebastopol.

Ellen and Esther of Uncommon Threads came on a road trip this past Tuesday, bringing us 17 bags of high end yarns & 5 bags of books/magazines. In some large quantities of the same dye lots.   They twinkled as they watched us receive their donation. It appeared to be as fun for them to give as it was for us to receive.   They had coincidentally arrived the morning of our regular knitting group, on Tuesday morning.  The yarns-Classic Elite, Louisa Harding, Rowan, GGH, Alice Starmore. Lambs Pride, Jamison’s,…wools, cottons, mohair, blends.   Something for everyone.

Come and share in the blessings and absolution of their unfinished projects. Now a week later, there is still some of it left.


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We were teaching a young knitter about the big picture. Our knitting group is comprised of very experienced veteran knitters with lots of opinions. We began to discuss our approach to multiple projects.

“If I don’t have the next project on needles I don’t knit for months.” says Sue.
“I have start-itis. I love to start projects” says another.
I’m with them. I love to start projects. There is a little thrill that occurs in me when I decide to start something. That thrill is about the creative process. The choices- which design, what color…do I pull paper, cast on, thread the sewing machine, break a plate (mosaics).
There are different projects for different mindsets. There is the mindless knitting project for its’ meditative effects. There are projects that I am learning something on. An unfinished object may be one in which the next step required some problem solving, or perhaps it just wasn’t turning out to be what you thought it would be…I saw that more experienced knitters rip out quite a bit…that is part of the process. You get ‘do-overs’ with knitting.   A novice knitter may be reluctant to commit a beautiful yarn to something.   Instead of berating yourself for the loss or waste- take the unfinished project apart to become something else.

I have many unfinished projects. There are some that just require concentration for the next step. What I have learned about myself is that I do go back to them. I do finish projects. When I go back to the project, usually finishing them won’t take very long.   If it’s halfway started, it’s halfway done. (My mother’s German Proverbs)
And closure is as satisfying as the thrill of starting.
So the Temple of Fabric and Yarn grants you absolution of your unfinished objects. You are forgiven, go forth and create!

Thus this remains our benediction.  Sherry

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