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I am frequently asked what do I do about fabric that has an ‘odor’.   Of course, if you can identify the smell all the better for specific treatment and outcome.   I will put lightly soiled or faded  fabric in our free box.   But overall, very little fabric from the Legacy goes to the dumpster.

We will air musty fabric.   First take it out of plastic bins or bags to air.  Put it in the sun. On a clothes line. In the dryer. Occasionally spray it with Febreze (last resort) and then the dryer.   Occasionally I’ll wash it.   Put it in a box with some deodorizing soap.  Wrap deodorizing cat litter in fabric bags in a box or suitcase with the fabric.   A combination of these things can salvage cigarette smoke damaged materials.

I’ll do these things for yarn as well. (not the dryer)

We do not try to salvage materials that have cat pee, smoke damage(like from a house fire), mouse droppings or mold/mildew.  Too much work for a poor outcome or risk of disease/illness.  We try to be careful about this issue  and we will go the extra mile to keep something usable.  Another step toward our quality assurance.


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