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Wanda’s Hankies

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One day I’m working in the store and overhear an older lady say, ” No thank you, I’m kinda fussy.  I have alot.  I collect hankies.”  I’m not sure why my ears shot up like a well-trained hunting dog, but something told me to go talk to this woman.  She could probably teach me something about these vintage linens….

Hankies are like aprons.  They hearken back to a simpler time.  Before Kleenex.  They were for allergies and colds (so we were a little unclear about the germ theory) and tears. Tears of sadness. Loss.  Good-byes.  And of gladness.  Weddings, and births.  They were tokens of affection and commemoration.

So I spoke with Wanda McCormick that day and asked her if anyone had ever inventoried her collection.  Had it ever been photographed?  It was quite an honor to get that opportunity to photograph most of her collection.  They were in over 20 photo albums.  Categorized by subject or type of hankie.  embroidered or silk hankies had there own album.  The others were printed and you could see the shift in colors as manufacturers developed techniques for dying and reproduction.  There are obvious trends over the decades and you can pick up on that looking at the artistic styles.  They cover cities, states, countries, commemorative events, animals, flowers, children, seasons…

Wanda seemed to enjoy sharing her collection because she feels not just anybody can appreciate hankies.  Well, we can.  Her collection is an American treasure that should be left to a museum.  Here are some of the hankies in a slideshow.  I will continue to add more. There  are 160 pictures total to post. It was an amazing opportunity and I never know where The Legacy will lead me. We have the most interesting customers…


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Aprons- Part 1

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When I started working at Legacy I noticed that there were some of the very charming vintage aprons that were recently featured in books and exhibits going around the country. I told the staff to put aside any that were donated so I could feature them in a display. From the moment I said that, the quantity of very special aprons that came our way increased like an answer to a call. I thought that it was kinda spiritual to ask for something and it came to me. How very special… I went to an auction and there was an ‘Apron Lot’ of 25 vintage aprons. It got kinda funny. One day, Lucile is telling me HOW MUCH lace and trim we have that she working on…We see a woman heading across the parking lot carrying boxes piled so high she couldn’t see. We look at her and I say to Lucile real snarky, “It’s nothing but lace and trim” and she says “It’s nothin’ but aprons” But we put our game faces on and say real nice to the lady “So what do you have for us today?” and she says “This box is lace and trim and this box is a bunch of aprons” I thought we were gonna pee our pants. When it was said and done I had approximately 60 aprons to display and sell.

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